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Dollar A Day Insurance, NJ

Get auto insurance coverage just by paying only $1/day. This is a Special Auto Insurance Policy (SAIP) available in New Jersey which allows those who are eligible for Medicaid to get limited auto insurance just by paying $365 annually. This plan is to provide insurance who might go uninsured due to financial limitations to purchase a standard personal automobile insurance plan.

The dollar a day insurance or SAIP provides only limited insurance coverage for emergency treatment in an accident up to $250,000 for the treatment of serious brain and spinal injuries. It provides a death benefit of $10,000.

Be aware that this doesn't provide liability coverage or comprehensive coverage as a standard car insurance offers. This means that you don't meet the state minimum required auto insurance coverage and could cause legal proceedings in case of an accident causing damage to others and properties.

How to get dollar a day insurance near me

You can get SAIP from any insurance agencies in New Jersey. If you pay upfront, you can get it for $360 per year or $365 in installments. You will have to meet the eligibility criteria for this insurance to get it.

  • You should have a valid driving license.
  • You should be enrolled for the Federal Medicaid with hospitalization.
  • You should be an uninsured driver in New Jersey.

Cheaper Car Insurance Other Than Dollar A Day

Average cost of car insurance is around $1050 for yearly premium. But you can get it as cheap as $400 if you give attention to choosing car insurance.

The average cost doesn't have to be near to what you will have to pay. The actual cost of car insurance varies with age, gender, profession, previous driving history, and claims, running miles and so on. For instance, teenage drivers will have to pay four times that of the city average for car insurance while senior citizens will only need to pay lower than the city average. The car insurance cost will also vary with the credit score. If you have an excellent credit rating, chances are you will only have to pay only a part of the actual cost. But if you have a poor credit rating, you will end up paying much higher than what is the average cost. Check the state government website page for insurance at New Jersey Insurance and for information on dollar a day insurance (SAIP) dollar a day auto insurance for extra informations.

If you really need to know how much it really costs for car insurance, you can get insurance quote for free from us. You can do it easily by completing a car insurance quote form. Check out the free auto insurance quote section below to start with quote.

Cheap car insurance companies in New Jersey

If you are looking to find who provides the cheapest car insurance in New Jersey, the answer will vary. NJM, Progressive, Allstate, GEICO, Mercury provides cheap car insurance. You can get the best car insurance for cheaper rates from any of these companies.

Best car insurance companies in New Jersey

Make sure you get rates from all these companies before you make your decision since the rates varies for car insurance from most companies as we cannot be sure who will provide you with the lowest quote.

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